IMPORTANT: This is not for the average person. Biodynamics is an advanced technology which uses methods still not understood by mainstream science. If you're ready to "fast forward", and skip about 100 years into the future, read on...

"You Too Can Use This Advanced Technology To Heal Polluted Soil, And Turn Ordinary Plants Into 'Super-Food' Loaded With Nutrients, to Heal And Sustain Your Family - I'll Teach You How, Step-by-Step, In Less Than 60 Minutes."

Biodynamics is a Dimension Beyond 'Organic' Gardening: Using The Secret Energies Of The Moon & Stars, Turn Dead Soil Back To Life, Reverse Chemical Damage, And Grow Incredibly Nutrient Rich Food Which Will Heal You And Your Family For Years To Come...

An Open Letter from Kacper Postawski

Dear gardener and fellow human being,

If like me, you're tired of feeling helpless as you watch our planet being destroyed with chemicals, pollution and pesticides...

If you're disgusted with profit addicted corporations like Monsanto destroying our food with GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)...

If you're tired of looking up and seeing the endless "secret" chem-trails of Barium and Aluminum being sprayed all over our skies, poisoning the very air our children breathe...

Then please take 5 minutes to read this letter, because this is one of the keys to healing our planet, our soil, and this will let you grow the most incredible, healing, and nutrient dense food on Earth for your family, way beyond simple organic gardening methods, read on...


What is Biodynamic Farming?

Hi my name is Kacper, if you don't know me already, I'm a major activist of freedom on this planet, I've been involved with free energy development, biodome construction, and a wide variety of technologies for sustainable living.

In my opinion, nothing is as important to learn during this time of great change on our planet as Biodynamic Farming. What is biodynamic Farming?

In a nutshell, here's what Biodynamic Farming is... Imagine for a moment you had a secret technology, which was so advanced and in harmony with nature, that it allowed you to do the following:


Heal dead soil. Turn soil with years of damage from chemicals back into living arable soil that can grow real food again...
Minimize effort... Using this technology you can grow incredible food, without worrying about disease, as your plants will be thriving with life, strength, and immunity.
Grow the most NUTRIENT DENSE food on the planet. Biodynamically grown food is 5 to 10 times more nutritious than regular "organic food", and has many healing properties. The nutrient density of biodynamic food is quite simply... off the scale.
Open a new dimension of depth and understanding. When you use biodynamic methods, you develop a unusual connection with nature which brings a unprecedented amount of joy and peace into your life...

This is what biodynamics lets you do.

You'd think if this was so incredible, everyone should have heard about it by now... but 99.99% of farmers have never heard of Biodynamics, or Rudolf Steiner... because it has never been a necessity, until now:

Time Is Running Out For
Our Food Supply ...

I think everyone awake at this point in history would agree that we live in "interesting" times...

The biggest crisis looming over the horizon for all of us right now is the food crisis.

The time of getting your food from the super-market every week is quite simply coming to an end. As inflation and oil prices sky-rocket, food shortages are already a reality, and at one point, the food will simply stop coming.

All the arable land in North America is being destroyed by devastating farming practices... Monsanto's GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds, and pesticides, which are depleting the soil, poisoning our bodies, poisoning our fresh water, and killing beneficial insects(bees) vital to our survival on this planet.... all at an alarmingly rapid rate.
The main underground water reserves in the central USA(where most of the food comes from), are pretty much depleted, 2011 will be a devastating year in terms of food supply.
Record high oil prices as a result of the collapse of the U.S. dollar, and war in the middle east, will lead to record high food prices in 2011
Never mind the shortages, the stuff in the stores isn't edible either way. 1 in 3 people in America now get cancer. Eating conventional produce is the equivalent of eating styrofoam, there are no nutrients left in the soil. And even organic produce is now being affected...
To add insult to injury, our skies are being constantly sprayed with Barium and Aluminum through government operated Chem-trail programs which are no longer a secret "conspiracy theory", but obvious, just look at the skies(see picture to the right)

Aluminum is showing up in soil all over the planet in shocking quantities, and plants are beginning to die...

Through conventional farming, we have successfully destroyed most of the arable land, in most places, food simply isn't growing anymore.

Chemtrails like this, filled with Barium and Aluminum, are now a common site all over North America, why are they poisoning us?

Aluminum is showing up in soil all over the planet in shocking quantities...

All this, and for many other reasons, is why it’s important for anyone who’s awake to the times, to start remembering “the old wisdom”, and begin growing your own real food... but how?

How do you start growing real healing food in such a polluted environment? Biodynamics holds the keys to this problem:

Rudolf Steiner Had The Solution 100 Years Ago
During The Last Agricultural Disaster...

Times of famine and suffering aren’t new to this planet, what we are experiencing now was similar by events many years ago after World War 1

After the war, many farmers weren't’t able to grow food. The soil was dead in many areas due to warfare, chemical weapons and a host of other problems. Farmers were starving, and desperate, and turned to this man: Rudolf Steiner.

He was an Austrian genius scientist and philosopher, unknown to most people, Steiner changed the world in many areas, his greatest contribution is to agriculture.

During this time of agricultural disaster, Steiner gave a series of 8 very important lectures which have since become famous, and the foundation of Biodynamic Farming.

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian genius scientist, and philosopher who made incredible breakthroughs in various fields.

After Farmers Implemented What Steiner Taught Them... Magically, Everything Came Back to Life...

Above: Light of Day farm is Michigan's Only Certified Biodynamic Farm.
You can feel the magic of this place just from the picture...

Using his methods the farmers of Europe were able to restore their land and start thriving again. However, another war soon followed, with the dawn of modern day "for profit" chemical based agriculture shortly after, much of Steiner's secrets were buried and forgotten, until the last 2 decades...

Biodynamic Farming is seriously the real deal when it comes to restoring the planet.

What is possible with biodynamics goes way beyond just “organic farming.”

Do not confuse biodynamic farming with organic farming, they're two very different things:

Biodynamic Farming is a series of simple, and incredibly *odd steps one can take to begin to:

Turn dead soil and dead plants into alive, incredibly radiant life giving soil and thriving plants
Greatly increase harvest yields of all fruit and vegetables
Grow food that is incredibly dense with nutrients, way beyond that of conventional, or even organic farming practices.
The food grown biodynamically has incredible healing abilities on the human body.
*odd: Biodynamics is not for the "average joe", mainstream science cannot explain why it works... The methods are very "odd", and seem strange to a newcomer, but once you see their effects, you'll be hooked on this incredibly powerful wisdom!

Biodynamics Is The Most Powerful
Agricultural "Technology" To Date...
It's Completely In Harmony With Nature
And Anyone Can Learn To Do It...

Biodynamics is widely used in many vineyards. Biodynamic wine is some of the best wine in the world.
Biodynamics is ancient and extremely powerful wisdom. When this wisdom is used to benefit mankind, we can call it as a "technology." The basic steps and principles to biodynamic farming are rather simple... there really aren’t many... and may seem a little... “weird” to a newcomer.

They're easy, and in a moment, I'll teach you the basics of biodynamics very quickly, so you can go out and start using them immediately in your garden, to grow the best food ever, and begin healing the planet starting from your own back-yard...

For example, one of the biodynamic core principles is vortexing water, something you’ll be doing a lot of soon. Vortexed water is now beginning to be widely used in “progressive” science, and water filtration applications, but “modern”, and “official” science is light- years away from understanding it.

There are many books on biodynamics, and I've read a number of them to learn what I know today, but few of them are presented in a very good way, as they're usually mixed with a lot of Steiner's philosophy, biography.

This is why I have created an eBook called "Biodynamic Farming Secrets", which is designed to teach you everything you need to know about biodynamic farming, within 60 minutes or less:

Learn Biodynamics In Less
Than 60 Minutes With:
"Biodynamic Farming Secrets"


Here's What This eBook Will Do For You:

Discover the foundational philosophy of bio-dynamic farming. This is a real "mind-bend", as it's vastly different than conventional thinking about how plants and nature operate.
The 4 Essentials of Biodynamic Farming, These are quite simple, yet 99.99% of all farmers and gardeners on Earth have no idea they exist. If you know and apply this, you'll grow the most incredible food on Earth.
Learn exactly how to use the two most important Biodynamic tools: The BD500 and BD501 preparations.
The secrets of biodynamic timing. Biodynamics is all about timing and knowing when to do certain steps in accordance with the cycles of the moon, and the planets. While it can be over-whelming at first, I'll teach you an easy way to understand timing and apply it into your biodynamic practices.
Biodynamic Vortex Dynamizing: This is the key to mixing the BD500 and BD501 biodynamic preparations, as well as watering using biodynamics. Many biodynamic farmers say this is the "heart" of biodynamics.
The moon planting calendar. Using biodynamics, you can increase the amount of food your plants produce just by knowing which day of the month to plant on... it sounds bizarre, but Steiner was a genius, and this ancient wisdom has been proven to work, time after time.
How to Prepare Steiner's most important Biodynamic Preparation: Biodynamic compost is the most potent and powerful amendment you can add to soil, it's a unique blend of minerals, herbs, and other biodynamic preparations that will infuse your soil with vital living energies, and grow plants that are quite simply 'out of this world', loaded with nutrients and bountiful harvests of fruit and vegetables.
Learn Biodynamics in 60 minutes or less. With Biodynamic Farming Secrets you won't have to spend weeks learning biodynamics, the eBook is designed to teach you Biodynamics essentials in 60 minutes or less, complete with exact step-by-step how to instructions, and begin using the magic of biodynamic farming immediately:

What To Do Now:

Biodynamic Farming Secrets has been designed for you to be able to read it in one sitting, go out into your garden, and start applying the biodynamic practices immediately.

Biodynamic Farming Secrets is currently offered online for $39.97 at a special launch price. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of time and energy you could waste on trying to "trial and error" your way through learning Biodynamics.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, I hope what you've read here has inspired you about Biodynamics, and perhaps has given you a sense of hope for our planet and collective humanity.

All the technology we need in order to make the planet sing is here, and readily available, we just have the courage bring it forward and to use it.


Kacper M. Postawski
Kacper Postawski Companies

PS. Remember, Biodynamics is a highly advanced technology using the energies of the stars, the moon, and nature, along with selected blends of minerals and herbs to heal soil, and grow incredibly nutrient dense food. Where else are you going to find an eBook that will teach you the most essential Biodynamic practices in 60 minutes or less?

PPS. The $39.97 special launch price may not last long, don't be surprised to come back later and find out the price has increased, click here to get your copy today.

PPPS. WARNING: This is not for the average person. Biodynamics is an extremely advanced organic farming technology which uses methods still not understood by mainstream science. If you want a scientific explanation as to "why" Biodynamics works, you will not find it in this eBook. Steiner was simply a genius scientist/mystic who channeled this ancient wisdom. While "regular" science may not understand why it works, what's important to you is simply: It works! And it may even save your life.



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